The future of festivals is in your hands.
The follow through begins now.

We are joining forces to rebuild a stronger festival industry for all.
Everyone is invited to join us.

One year ago, several of us (the steering committee) started discussing the unique role of festivals in society and our unique responsibilities as festival leaders.
We deeply understood the cultural impact and influence of festivals. We acknowledged the privilege of organizing these transformational experiences. We also recognized the growing duty of addressing real-world ills and inequities within our own festivals.
We opened our discussion to include more leaders. All of us shared our hopes and concerns for how festivals returned. All of us also agreed on the urgent need for more community building, knowledge sharing, and critical training.
We are launching Coalition of Festivals and inviting all producers, promoters, and partners to join forces in rebuilding a stronger industry. We know we can’t do this without the mutual support of one another. We soon hope to include all stakeholders, including our artists, our sponsors, our communities, and our fans.
This is our opportunity to unite, center community over competition, and rebuild a stronger festival industry together. If you are a festival leader, worker, or partner: How can we, as a coalition, rebuild a stronger festival industry for all? If you are a festivalgoer: How can we, as a coalition, improve festivals for all?
At the bottom of this website is a form to join the coalition. Please let us know your hopes and concerns, your ideas and wishes, your suggestions and ways you can help. We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you. Let’s do this.

– Evan, Jen, Jonathan, Katelyn, Kierrah, Kyle & Veline
The Steering Committee for Coalition of Festivals

Our Objectives

Be The Change

Our theory of change begins with ourselves. When we do the work to identify our gaps and be the change, we then understand how to create change.

Grow Together, In Fellowship

No one person, producer, or promoter can rebuild a stronger festival industry alone. We empower and mutually support each other.

Create Change

Our impact focuses on the next generation of festival producers – especially the future leaders from under-represented communities.

Work Together, In Partnership

We leverage our strengths as organizers and producers to better align festivals and social impact partners together in building movements.

Meet Our Members

Music Festivals

AEG Festivals are aligned with and committed to the objectives of the Coalition.

Production Companies

Impact Partners

Steering Committee

Special Thanks

  • Ken Weinstein, Big Hassle
  • Law Offices of Stephen Goldstein
  • Jasmine Carpentier, developer
  • Frances Yang, designer
  • Tristan Hunt, Greg Marshall & Ben Turner, Association for Electronic Music
  • Noelle Scaggs & Tadia Taylor, Diversify The Stage
  • Kerry Black & Rick Farman, Superfly
  • Nancy Tarr & Christopher Dunn, Well Dunn
  • Janine Small
  • Tiffany Yu
  • Laura Carter

2020 Discussion Participants

  • Jonathan Azu, Culture Collective
  • Jonathan Baden, AEG Presents
  • Kyle Casey, Day N Vegas + Second Sky
  • Laura Day, Burning Man
  • Charlie Dolman, Burning Man
  • Mary Beth Elam, Old Soul Production Services
  • Steve Feener, Superfly
  • Cole Froelich, Coachella + Stagecoach
  • Inez Lopez, Coachella + Stagecoach
  • Kierrah Matthews
  • Brandon McEachern, Broccoli City
  • Stephanie Mezzano, Firefly
  • Veline Mojarro, SHIFT Consulting
  • Michael Sampliner, Electric Forest
  • Katelyn Scott, Buku + Hangout
  • Jen Stiles, Governors Ball
  • Bryant Tan, Burning Man
  • Evan Tzeng, StayAltered
  • Katelyn Yount, Firefly
  • Molly Zidow, Danny Wimmer Presents

Join the coalition

This is our opportunity to unite, center community over competition, and rebuild a stronger festival industry together. Join us.